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*terms and condition applied

Safe space with City Storage

Personal Storage

Small Storage

up to 4m3

Rp. 880.000 / month

Medium Storage

up to 8m3

Rp. 1.650.000 / month

Large Storage

up to 16m3

Rp. 3.200.000 / month

City Serviced Storage


Jasa service untuk penyimpanan, pendataan, dan pengiriman barang untuk Usaha Dagang dan E-commerce

Promo price start from Rp 

150,000 / Month*

*Terms and Condition applied

Store As You Need

Freestyle 1

Anything You Can Fit
Under 1m3

Rp 260,000 / Month

Freestyle 2

Anything You Can Fit Between
1m3 to 2m3

Rp 520,000 / Month

Freestyle 3

Anything You Can Fit Between
2m3 to 3m3

Rp 780,000 / Month



1 Month, 6 Months, 12 Months, we suit to your needs!


24 Hours CCTV Surveillance, Access Controlled, and Air Conditioned


We can help you to arrange for transportation with our partners*


Contact us, we are ready to answer your queries